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La nuova cultura della gestione dei conflitti nella società globalizzata
F.P. Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Sabato 13 Novembre ore 9.00
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Intervista a Davide Berruti
"Telegrammi", numero 348 del 19 ottobre
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Teaching mediation. EUTOPIA-MT: conflict management through digital worlds
The new book about EUTOPIA-MT project
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Ora basta !!!
Laboratorio sulla gestione costruttiva
dei conflitti e delle relazioni di R. Tecchio
Roma, a partire da Ottobre 2010
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Call for students at University of Trieste
MA for International Peace Operators
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In Evidenza / Highlights
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"Peacebuilding" means a different approach to the conflict in which individuals are back to the centre with their dignity and potential role of "peace actors". This approach deals with medium and long term actions, it doesn't follow emergencies but responds to emergencies by a deep reconstruction's process both for individuals and society. This is why we prefer to work in confidence building medium and long term actions rather than interposition actions tout-court. Taking this philosophy into action and strategy, we organise projects and activities of dialogue with a first phase of empowerment of people in conflict and a second one in which Italians and people in conflict try to dialogue and to take away consensus to nationalist parties.

Davide Berruti

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