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La nuova cultura della gestione dei conflitti nella società globalizzata
F.P. Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Sabato 13 Novembre ore 9.00
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Intervista a Davide Berruti
"Telegrammi", numero 348 del 19 ottobre
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Teaching mediation. EUTOPIA-MT: conflict management through digital worlds
The new book about EUTOPIA-MT project
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Ora basta !!!
Laboratorio sulla gestione costruttiva
dei conflitti e delle relazioni di R. Tecchio
Roma, a partire da Ottobre 2010
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Call for students at University of Trieste
MA for International Peace Operators
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In Evidenza / Highlights
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More info about me...
Since I was ten years old I have been member of AGESCI, the Italian Scout Catholic Association. Becoming a scout leader I started my activities in the field of Peace Education and in support of Conscious Objection at national level.

When I was eighteen, called to Military Service (at that time compulsory) I renounced to my right, as fatherless, to be exempted from doing it, but I applied for "Substitute Civil Service" as Conscious Objector.

In 1993, during a renovated season of civil society in politics, I started my brief career in the political movement of the Green. Even in this occasion my electoral campaign was strongly dedicated to peace issues.

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