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La nuova cultura della gestione dei conflitti nella società globalizzata
F.P. Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Sabato 13 Novembre ore 9.00
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Intervista a Davide Berruti
"Telegrammi", numero 348 del 19 ottobre
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Teaching mediation. EUTOPIA-MT: conflict management through digital worlds
The new book about EUTOPIA-MT project
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Ora basta !!!
Laboratorio sulla gestione costruttiva
dei conflitti e delle relazioni di R. Tecchio
Roma, a partire da Ottobre 2010
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Call for students at University of Trieste
MA for International Peace Operators
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 Cyprus: a Cold Peace
Interview to the Head of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus and Representatives from the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Communities


From the foreword:
I have interviewed three officials operating in Nicosia: the Major of the Town, Mrs. Eleni Mavrou; the Under-Secretary of the Presidency of the self-proclaimed TRNC, Mr. Rasit Pertev; the Special Representative of the Secretary General and Chief of UNFICYP Mission, Mr. Michael Møller.
The Mayor was elected in December 2006. She a member of the major party in the Republic, AKEL, the Communist Greek-Cypriot Party, which sustains Tassos Papadopulos’ Government and has an anti-reunification platform. Yet, Mrs. Mavrou voted “Yes” to the Annan Plan Referendum, as she admitted during her electoral campaign.
Mr. Pertev is the representative of President Talat in the talks and negotiations with the Greek Cypriot side, the UN and the EU.
Mr. Møller is in the difficult position of representing a very long-lasting UN mission in the field. Referring to the 15 June 2007 SC resolution, he stressed that the UN mission in Cyprus must not be taken for granted; at the same time, he emphasised the importance attached in the country to the involvement of a third part in supervising the reconciliation process to the island.



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